The Canadian market is a very attractive place for many gambling platforms wishing to expand their business in this jurisdiction. This is not surprising, since free online slots (Canada) and other types of casino games are very popular among local gamblers. However, there are a huge number of slot machine types – so, you need to figure it out to know where to start. We’re here to help you choose the best gaming option to wager.

Read this post to the end to learn about slots in all their variety, and how to win more often playing them.

Online Free Slot Machines Canada – Available Type of Games

With their dynamic and addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics and large payouts, slots have the potential to be your favorite choice at online casinos, whether you are a conservative player or a high roller. Before making your choice, you should know about the types of slot machines available – check them out in the list below.

  1. Classic slots. Previously available in the saloons of the Midwest and English pubs, free online slots (Canada) that are analogous to penny slots and Old Vegas slots can be played via desktop or mobile devices. Having simple 3-reel mechanics and only one payline, classic slots are still capable of bringing a good amount of coins to you.
  2. Pokies. This is the name of slots in New Zealand, Australia and sometimes in Canada. Derived from the ‘poker’ and ‘machines’, the word ‘pokies’ is used to name classic and video slots available in the collections of online casinos accepting gamblers from the jurisdictions listed above.
  3. Penny Slots. A variation of both classic and video slots, these games offer you the opportunity to play at a minimum bet. The disadvantage of penny slots is that they have a rather low RTP.
  4. Video Slots. This is the name for games that use a 5-reel mechanics with multiple paylines and offer several built-in bonus features – ‘Gamble’, FS and others. With their outstanding graphics and higher winning odds, they make your gambling experience even more amazing.
  5. Jackpot slots. This is the general name for games with a large maximum prize amount. There are progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots, network jackpots and a few other varieties you should be aware of.

Find out more about the types of slots listed above to choose the best free online slots (Canada) to place real money bets.

How to Play Slot Machines at Canadian Online Casinos

No matter what type of slot you choose, there are many similarities in the gameplay they offer. So, to play free slots (Canada), you need to go through a few simple steps:

When choosing free online slots (Canada), also take into account some important things such as RTP, volatility, available bonus features.

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