If we collect all the slot machines in one place, we get an approximate figure of 5,000 slots. No one will give exact data – operators are discontinuing support for old games and launching new ones. This is a very dynamic process and it is difficult to keep track of it. Each manufacturer of gaming software covers all categories of users, because there are both lovers of innovative entertainment and inveterate admirers of the classics. Therefore, there is nothing surprising when a slot machine with three reels, three lines and simple fruits on the playing field comes out in 2021.

A special place in the hearts of players is occupied by the Book of Ra or among the common people “books”. This is a simple machine that appeared in 2005 by Novomatic and is still one of the best machines today. Remarkably, many developers wanted a little fame and began to create their own games with the “Book of” prefix, using the original mechanics. This is how Book of Pyramids, Book of Dead, Book of Sun, Book of Gold, Book of Santa, Book of Immortal, Book of Pharaon appeared in the world of online gambling – the list goes on and on.

We digress from the main topic – what is the difference between slot machines? Each has its own peculiarity, despite the fact that they have the same message in common: press the start, collect the combination and take the winnings.

Slot Reels and bet lines

Five reels are considered the gold standard in the gambling world. If this is a classic one-armed bandit, then there will be no more than three reels in it. Traditions cannot be violated, because then it will no longer be quite a classic. There can also be six, eight, or even nine reels. And recently, the option of an additional reel has become popular, which is activated in the bonus game.

Horizontal stripes also play a role in building combinations. Often there are three or four of them, but there may also be slots with unusual fields, such as Spinfinity Man or Gemmed.

If earlier there were 9-10 lines in a slot machine, today these slots are rare. Modern games may offer the player to collect a combination of 50, 100 or 247 lines, but they may soon recede into the background. With the advent of options such as Megaways, more and more operators are resorting to combination building options rather than classic lines. The number of options can start from a few hundred and end with a six-digit number.

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are one of the main criteria for choosing slots for players. It is they who hide the largest payments in themselves. There is also no single standard here. Everyone is trying to stand out and come up with something new and exciting. The most primitive (but at the same time demanded) round of free spins is considered to be a series of spins for which the casino pays, and the user takes the winnings.

As for other bonus games, it will be quite time consuming to describe them all. For some developers, this looks like a random assignment of winnings after a simple selection of a certain picture, while others may have a whole multi-level mini-game. To figure it out, it’s best to spin slots without a deposit. For example, on our website.

RTP or return percentage

Of course, all slot machines differ in terms of payout levels. Each has its own RTP – the percentage of return. We always recommend choosing slots with a value higher than 96%. This means that out of the € 100 wagered, when going through the full cycle, the casino will take only 4% or € 4. Remember, this is just a theory – the slot machine can give a multiplier of × 1,000 on the fifth spin. After all, a pseudo-random number generator is responsible for everything.

Slots below 95% are practically unsuitable for serious sessions. It is best to play these slot machines online for free. The only exception is if this is a progressive or fixed jackpot slot machine.

And of course all games differ in their genre and theme. This is where the developers approach with maximum creativity. Want an automaton with a demon in the lead role? Or a rock star? You will have plenty to choose from.

Remember – gambling can be addictive. If you start spending more time in online casinos, this is an excuse to temporarily insulate yourself from gambling. If the desire is irresistible, you should immediately seek qualified help.

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